I’m Brittney, a content creator and marketing communications professional based in New York City. My few years in New York City have allowed me to encounter experiences that have helped shift my paradigm about who I am and how to get closer to my purpose.  Get inspired and visit Lemons 2 Lemonade blog for lifestyle tips, career advice and inspirational interviews.


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It was a late Friday evening and I just arrived at Seven Grams Caffe in Chelsea, New York City to meet Brittney Oliver. Brittney and I had been social media friends, exchanging tweets and stories in only 140 characters…

2020 Shift


Learning how to use HTML open up my world to go beyond content producing. Not only did it open up career opportunities, but having the skill set allowed me to create my personal brand and build it my own way and on my own terms…



But Do You Know About Kentrill Carraway?

Before Thursday, May 19, Kentrill Carraway was a young man from Miami, Florida. Kentrill, 22, comes from a large family whose love for him reaches across the east coast from New York City down to Miami…

3 Women share what it takes to be an entertainer

3 Women Share What it Takes to be an Entertainer

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to be an entertainer at some point in your life! Whether you dreamed of acting in a scene in a movie, dancing in a play or singing melodic lyrics that soothe your soul, something or someone made you feel that you wanted to entertain….

The Stigmas and Realities of Mental Illness and Its Effects Across the African Diaspora

The Stigmas and Realities of Mental Illness and Its Effects Across the African Diaspora

Ledet Muleta has been a psychiatric nurse for 13 years and throughout her career became concerned by the stigma of mental illness across the African continent. Over the past five years, Ledet visited different countries throughout Africa and was stunned by how mental illness is affecting the continent…


“Use what you know to elevate others and to help yourself.”

Publicity & Media Relations

With the combination of full-time experience, freelance work and internships, I’ve garnered placements for clients in USA Today, ABC News, Chicago Tribune, Black Enterprise and much more. I’m currently offering public relations services.


My lifestyle and career focused articles have received over 1,310,000 impressions and my work has been republished in Time.com, Fast Company, Business Insider and many more. I’m currently looking to partner with companies and brands for event, media and sponsorship opportunities.

Speaking Engagements

On July 27, 2015, I opened up to the world about my career journey.  My experience with pursuing career goals and job hunting has helped to motivate, inspire and equipped people to continue to work on their dreams.  My testimony and experience can be used to lead workshops, panel moderation and much more.