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Are you having a hard time getting your PR pitches picked up by media outlets? It’s time for a new PR strategy and I am here to help. My background as a publicist and freelance writer has played a part in the success of building my brand and freelance work when pitching myself or pitching article ideas to media outlets.


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  • Review and provide feedback on your current public relations strategy
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  • How to write an effective pitch (including formatting suggestions)
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Published Work

This Trifecta of Black Girl Magic Is The Creative Agency The Industry Needs

One doesn’t need to search hard to find insensitive advertising and creative campaigns from tone-deaf brands. In fact, with so many mishaps piling up, we’re often left wondering, Where are the Black employees?


Top Companies Are Missing Talent From Historically Black Colleges

How many times have you seen a report where today’s top tech companies admit to struggling to recruit top diverse talent? Only 2% of Google’s workforce is black, and at Twitter, just 3% of the workforce is black.


This Is What It’s Like To Search For A Job As A Black Woman

We’re told from childhood we have to work twice as hard to get half of what white people get, but when job searching, sometimes even that’s not enough.


5 Women Share How They Found Their Mentors & How It Changed Their Lives

Just a few years ago, I was a recent grad in a new city with no knowledge of how to play the industry game. Fast Company articles didn’t provide enough tips for a young, gifted black woman in Corporate America and I needed a guide on how to break through this tough communications market that is New York.


New Hiring Laws Set To Close the Pay Gap

Salary is the most uncomfortable yet most important part of an interview. It’s awkward for both candidates and hiring managers, but it determines who gets the job and if the person is getting paid a suitable salary that is livable.


12 Budget Savvy Black Women Share Their Best Money Saving Tricks

They’re so simple you won’t believe it.


Be Open To Men Who Really See You, Plus Other Dating Gems From ‘Love By the 10th Date’

Ladies, were you taking notes?


You Are Enough! 4 Ways to Kick Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever sat in a room full of power players and wondered why you were invited to the room? Your experience and track record as a great leader has rightfully landed in you among your peers, no matter how many accolades you have under your belt, you still feel like a fake?


What We Can Learn From Beyonce’s Grammy Snub

My mom is not a Beyonce fan, but she appreciates her artistry. When Lemonade did not win Album of the Year, she was shocked. Over the phone, we try to comprehend why that body of work did not receive the Recording Academy’s top honor. Was it too “black-centric,” we thought.


4 Ways To Handle Insensitive Managers

Here’s how to handle those sticky situations.


Recharge Your Passion And Overcome Job Burnout

Working a full-time job can get real, here’s how to spice things up at work.


Married Hollywood Power Couple The Bythewoods Reminisce About Falling In Love On the Set Of ‘A Different World’

Reggie Rock Bythewood and Gina Prince-Bythewood fell in love as screenwriters then joined forced to become one of Hollywood’s biggest power couples. They reminisce on how it all began and share why their love works.


How Our Favorite Shows Share A Glimpse of What It’s Like For #BlackWomenAtWork

A recent report from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, revealed only 93 black female executives are in advertising, PR and related agencies with more than 100 people, out of 8,734 total executives. This is just one of the many industries which lack black women’s presence in top positions.


This Bride’s Body Positive Story About Her Facial Birthmark Continues To Inspire

Ferrin Roy’s four inch large birthmark on her right cheek didn’t stop her from having her dream wedding.


How Martin And Gina Became The Perfect Inspiration For Our Favorite ‘This is Us’ Couple

This definitely adds to the reasons why Beth and Randall are #goals.

Why These Three Southern Cities Attract The Most Black Entrepreneurs

There are currently 2.5 million businesses owned and operated by African-Americans, according to the U.S. Census’s most recent survey of business owners. Although black entrepreneurship is on the rise, black founders are still receiving less VC funding than their white peers and have limited access to capital.

‘Pick Your Brain Over Coffee’ — Is It The Best Approach?

Have you ever slid into your favorite influencer, industry expert, or entrepreneurs’ DM asking to pick their brain over coffee?

The Dubai Datebook? Black Twitter Hilariously Attempts to Decipher the ‘RHOA’ Shade

Phaedra Parks threw major shade Kenya’s way with that comment on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion last night, and of course Twitter couldn’t let it go.

Can Phaedra Really Pray Away The Pain From Kenya’s Betrayal?

Prayer was no match for Phaedra and Kenya’s feud. Can you relate?

The Dubai Datebook? Black Twitter Hilariously Attempts to Decipher the ‘RHOA’ Shade

Phaedra Parks threw major shade Kenya’s way with that comment on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion last night, and of course Twitter couldn’t let it go.

This Viral Acrobatic Proposal Video Will Make Your Heart Flip

Pun intended. The yoga enthusiasts’ proposal video has the internet swooning, big time.

How Marie Jean-Baptise, Founder of Rue 107, Found the Courage to Switch Careers & Launch Her E-Commerce Brand

I think it started probably in my teen years and it reached a boiling point. By the time I was 20, I was like you guys are absolutely crazy, I don’t want to be a nurse, I don’t want to live in the suburbs, I want a 212 area code [New York City’s area code] and a driver and I’m going to be a fashion designer.

Marrying Yourself Isn’t Legal In the U.S., But Women Are Doing It Anyway

“Sologamy” anyone? The self-marriage movement is growing in America.

4 Steps to Using Affirmations to Change Your Life Year Around

We are half way through 2017 and many of us have fallen off of our new year goals. June is the perfect time to reflect on your process to achieving your personal goals and this half way mark brings about an optimistic attitude towards changing different aspects of a person’s life.

Just Beautiful! Groom Is Overcome With Emotion While Exchanging Vows With His Bride At The Altar

There’s something beautiful about the moment a bride takes her groom’s breath away at the altar, especially when he’s overcome with emotion and joy. One recent wedding moment in particular is dominating our Instagram feeds. Proud groom Chuck Caughmanjust couldn’t keep his compusure as he began to pledge his life to his new wife, Teri Michelle Caughman, and exchange vows.

D.L. Hughely Co-Host Jasmine Sanders Learns How to Love Again

Jasmine Sanders has been sharing her vivacious personality, entertaining commentary and opinions as a co-host on The D.L. Hughley Show since 2013. As Jasmine’s career flourishes, one thing she is still hoping to find is L-O-V-E.

Woman Exposes a Racist User on Her Dating App

When she turned him down, his true colors were revealed.

Dancer’s Impressive Surprise Proposal Goes Viral

Ashley Liai was just doing something she loved with the love of her life until he surprised her with the best gift of all. The dancer was at the Millennium Dance Complex, her home away from home, filming a dance routine with her boyfriend Phil Wright.

Black History’s Hidden Figures That Inspired Today’s Innovators

Many of the products we consume today were made possible by the innovations, leadership, and inventions of black entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists. Their groundbreaking work has made an impression on today’s black founders.

‘6 Wedding Planners Share Why They Love Black Southern Brides

Wedding planners in the South are bringing what it means to be a Black Southern Belle to life with the production of their elegant, down-home and traditional weddings.

‘Being Mary Jane’: Is it Just Us, Or Is Justin Trying To Level-Up With MJ?

Will Mary Jane be his next victim?

NBA Player Harrison Barnes Had An All-Star Wedding

There was an all star attendance to see Dallas Maverick’s star Harrison Barnes jump the broom this weekend with his bride Brittany Barnes. The couple met in the Bay Area when Harrison played for Golden State and they got engaged almost a year ago while vacationing in Rio Celeste, Costa Rica.

‘Being Mary Jane’: That Awkward Moment When Office Romances Become A Problem

Is it ever a good idea to fall in love on the job?

Marijuana Bar At Your Wedding? Some Couples Are Saying Yes to This Blazing New Trend

Marijuana at weddings is now becoming a thing in certain states, now that the popular drug has been legalized. Are you here for it?

Woman Proposes to Boyfriend On Bended Knee, Video Goes Viral

Ladies, would you propose to your boyfriend?

Twitter Had the Most Hilarious Reactions To Mary Jane Snooping On Her Man

Have you ever snooped through your man’s belongings?

7 Southerners in New York and What They Miss About the South! – Black Southern Belle

Between 1915 and 1960, the period known as the Great Migration, Black Southerners packed up their belongings and made their way to the Northern cities to flee Jim Crow and for more economic opportunities.

4 Reasons We’re Totally Here For The ‘Black Love Doc’ on OWN

The new docuseries airs August 29th at 10 p.m. on OWN.

Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: Man Raps Wedding Vows

This groom dropped the mic at the altar.

Forbes Called This Startup Queen ‘The Next Steve Jobs’ and Her Receipts Will Blow You Away

Angel Rich’s addictive financial literacy game app garnered a whopping 200,000 downloads in less than two weeks.

Bridal Bliss: See Why We Love Marcus and Kristin’s Modern Wedding So Much

Love bloomed for the bride and groom during their senior year of college and life since then has been sweeter than ever.