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Author:Brittney Oliver


16 Feb You Are Enough! 4 Ways To Kick Imposter Syndrome

Originally posted on The Life Currency


Have you ever sat in a room full of power players and wondered why you were invited to the room? Your experience and track record as a great leader has rightfully landed in you among your peers, no matter how many accolades you have under your belt, you still feel like a fake? You’re probably suffering from imposter syndrome, which makes people feel like an inadequate, doubtful and intellectual fraud.


Why Cultural Fit Should Matter to You

07 Feb Should You Stay or Should You Go: Why Cultural Fit Needs to Matter to You

Just imagine landing a role at your dream company, but your excitement quickly depleted once you were exposed to the culture of that company, which you felt didn’t include you. You aren’t feeling comfortable in your own skin and the people that you need to impress to move up the corporate ladder are uncomfortable around you as well.  You aren’t the normative and the only way to play to win is to play the game with a mask and alter the true uniqueness that is you.