Author:Brittney Oliver

Why Cultural Fit Should Matter to You

07 Feb Should You Stay or Should You Go: Why Cultural Fit Needs to Matter to You

Just imagine landing a role at your dream company, but your excitement quickly depleted once you were exposed to the culture of that company, which you felt didn’t include you. You aren’t feeling comfortable in your own skin and the people that you need to impress to move up the corporate ladder are uncomfortable around you as well.  You aren’t the normative and the only way to play to win is to play the game with a mask and alter the true uniqueness that is you.

5 Ways to Be Cool & Aunthentically You

04 Aug 5 Ways to Be Cool & Aunthentically You

We live in a world where society or shall I say social media dictates who’s cool and what’s cool. We become obsessed as images and content refreshes at our fingertips imposing a false sense of reality. When I launched my website my goal was to honestly tap into my experiences and feelings on navigating adulthood. In order to do that, I had to be authentic. I couldn’t hold back and I couldn’t sugarcoat it. I had to be real and keep it real. So how do you stand out in a space that is infiltrated with many people saying the same old thang? It’s hard to find your voice in a world full of noise, but the people who stand out and win are those who run to the beat of their own drum.  It’s not about being in the moment, it’s really all about longevity.