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Author:Brittney Oliver

5 Ways to Be Cool & Aunthentically You

04 Aug 5 Ways to Be Cool & Aunthentically You

We live in a world where society or shall I say social media dictates who’s cool and what’s cool. We become obsessed as images and content refreshes at our fingertips imposing a false sense of reality. When I launched my website my goal was to honestly tap into my experiences and feelings on navigating adulthood. In order to do that, I had to be authentic. I couldn’t hold back and I couldn’t sugarcoat it. I had to be real and keep it real. So how do you stand out in a space that is infiltrated with many people saying the same old thang? It’s hard to find your voice in a world full of noise, but the people who stand out and win are those who run to the beat of their own drum.  It’s not about being in the moment, it’s really all about longevity.

Even Oprah Had to Turn Some Lemons Into Lemonade

27 Jul Even Oprah Had to Turn Some Lemons Into Lemonade

This past 4th of July weekend, I had the chance to attend ESSENCE Fest for the first time. It was down to the wire, but my flight, lodging and concert tickets all came together in the nick of time. I was steadfast and determined to attend this year and I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew the reputation would precede itself. An estimated,450,000 people were in New Orleans for the three-day event and they were in for a treat like I was. As soon as I arrived in the Big Easy, the grapevine was saying that Queen O (that’s Oprah Winfrey) would touch the ESSENCE Fest stage at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. I couldn’t believe that I would have the chance to be in the same room as the media mogul and hear her divulge life hacks and quote for me to use for added inspiration.

Why You Can't Let People Count You Out

12 Jul Why You Can’t Let People Count You Out

In the last two NBA seasons, I’ve watched with the rest of the world as Stephen Curry has staked his claim as one of the world’s best basketball players. The two-time MVP wasn’t always the popular choice or the Bay Area’s hero. As a matter of fact, there were people who never expected or anticipated that the three-time NBA All Star point guard would be the league’s most popular player. Many people dismissed him and counted him out early in his basketball career, but with tenacity, perseverance and resiliency the Golden State Warrior star proved all of his naysayers wrong.  Steph is a great example of why you can’t let people count you out.

5 Questions to Ask When Building Your Squad

23 Jun 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Building Your Squad

“You can’t do epic [ish] with basic people.” – Unknown


The company you keep is essential to your personal growth, your reputation and your health. This has proven true for actress, Amandla Stenberg who was asked about her squad in a Teen Vogue interview by Solange. The actress and some call her a social activist has been vocal about many issues including cultural appropriation, racism, sexuality and even coming to terms with her own Blackness. What makes it even more interesting is the tribe of girls that she calls friends because each one of them run to their own beat of their drums. They are unique, they are vocal and very unapologetic. Her squad includes Kiernan Shipka, Willow Smith, Tavi Gevinson and Lorde. She shared with Solange that her friends are people that she can vibe, she can bounce ideas off of them, receive honest feedback from them and draw creative inspiration from them.

8 Things President Obama's Howard University Commencement Speech Reminded Me of My Postgraduate Journey

14 May 8 Things President Obama’s Howard University Commencement Speech Reminded Me of My Postgraduate Journey

November 4, 2008 would be a day I will never forget. I wrote about it in my first blog ( on my experience during Election Day 2008. I was a college student attending Howard University in Washington, D.C. and that day was filled with glory when our nation’s first black president was elected. Eight years later, President Barack Obama delivered one of his last commencement speeches at my alma mater and that feeling I had on Election Day came back to me.