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THE FREELANCER: Piecing Together a Career & Life You Want



On Wednesday, August 30, like-minded Millennials, entrepreneurs, creatives and young professionals gathered to participate in a conversation on how to secure the bag as a freelancer and discover ways to find your next gig as a content creator at the Lemons 2 Lemonade (#L2LMixer) in collaboration with Giphy and enjoyed drinks by Pompette Wines & Spirits.


The Freelancers included:


Natelege Whaley, Journalist
Robyn Mowatt, Journalist
Mark Clennon, Photographer
Neffy Anderson, TV Correspondent & Host
Natasha Benjamin, Digital Strategist

Featured Guests
Natelege Whaley

Natelegé Whaley


Natasha Benjamin

Natasha Benjamin

Digital Strategist

Robyn Mowatt

Robyn Mowatt


Mark Clennon

Mark Clennon


Neffy Anderson

Niffy Anderson



If you don't know what you bring to the table, you shouldn't be there. - Neffy Anderson

People aren't going to take you serious until you take you serious. - Mark Clennon

Freelancers Natelege Whaley, Robyn MowattMark ClennonNeffy Anderson and Natasha Benjamin offered an amazing range of tips when it comes to finding your next gig as a content creator and how to make sure you get paid for your work appropriately and timely.


I want to give special thanks to GIPHY for hosting this dynamic conversation and Pompette Wines & Spirits for the delicious wine selection.