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5 Ways to Be Cool & Aunthentically You

04 Aug 5 Ways to Be Cool & Aunthentically You

We live in a world where society or shall I say social media dictates who’s cool and what’s cool. We become obsessed as images and content refreshes at our fingertips imposing a false sense of reality. When I launched my website my goal was to honestly tap into my experiences and feelings on navigating adulthood. In order to do that, I had to be authentic. I couldn’t hold back and I couldn’t sugarcoat it. I had to be real and keep it real. So how do you stand out in a space that is infiltrated with many people saying the same old thang? It’s hard to find your voice in a world full of noise, but the people who stand out and win are those who run to the beat of their own drum.  It’s not about being in the moment, it’s really all about longevity.

TIME Writer's Interview with POTUS

18 Apr TIME Writer Shares How it Felt to Interview the First Black President of the U.S.

Imagine being approached by your boss and asked if you could interview the President of the United States.  On February 29, Maya Rhodan walked into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and had the opportunity of a lifetime to interview our nation’s first Black President and the first Black principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre.  Can we say #GOALS?

5 Steps to Get Yourself in FORMATION

09 Feb 5 Steps to Get Yourself in FORMATION



I was at a lost for words when I watched Beyoncé’s latest project FORMATION. I knew this video would be something special, when the star hit us with that thug squat/gangsta lean on the floating police cruiser. Setting the tone for a Post-Katrina visual of her roots, a Southern gothic portrait of mystique and a celebration and mourning of black lives and black culture, this song and visual had messages that the masses needed to see from a superstar like Mrs. Carter.