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18 Jul 4 Entrepreneurs Share Their Love Lessons Learned While Building Their Businesses

Entrepreneurship is the new black and for Black America there’s an increase of women and men who are leaving Corporate America to create our own opportunities, but being an entrepreneur is no easy feat. It’s a 24 hour and 7 days a week undertaking that according to the National Women’s Business Council, over 1,531,494 black women endure.  With the time commitment a business owner devotes to their company, how or when are they balancing their love lives with their business endeavors?  


4 Basic Rules to Set Yourself Up for a Yes

26 Apr 4 Basic Rules to Set Yourself Up for a Yes

Are you building a brand, looking for a job or searching for mentorship?  It only takes one email to set yourself up for the opportunity that you want, but your approach can make or break that opportunity.


Last month, GlamBAMN featured me as a spotlight member and asked if I wanted to host a webinar.  I immediately knew what I wanted to discuss and that was knowing the proper etiquette for asking for what you want.


6 Things We Can Learn From Beyonce's Parkwood Entertainment Squad

29 Apr 6 Things We Can Learn From Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment Squad

As much as I respect Beyonce’s talent, what brings the fan girl out of me is her team. Beyonce has put together a team of people to help bring her thoughts, her lyrics and her stories to life. Her team has crafted some amazing moments in pop culture. Parkwood Entertainment creates experiences for fans to consume her work in very unique ways, just like her latest visual concept/album, Lemonade.