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18 Jul 4 Entrepreneurs Share Their Love Lessons Learned While Building Their Businesses

Entrepreneurship is the new black and for Black America there’s an increase of women and men who are leaving Corporate America to create our own opportunities, but being an entrepreneur is no easy feat. It’s a 24 hour and 7 days a week undertaking that according to the National Women’s Business Council, over 1,531,494 black women endure.  With the time commitment a business owner devotes to their company, how or when are they balancing their love lives with their business endeavors?  


12 Jun What I Would Tell My 18-Year-Old Self on Graduation Day

I remember how I felt on my high school graduation day, ten years ago. I stood before my 300 classmates as their class president delivering a speech about embracing the next chapter of their lives. I stood before some of my classmates that I’ve known since I was nine-years-old, but at that moment they felt like strangers. It was bittersweet. I was nervous, relieved and ready for that next chapter, but I walked across that stage with bitter wounds.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Professional Meet Ups

28 Feb 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Professional Meet Ups

I know you are dying to meet the women and men that you read about or follow on social in person for the ingredients to their secret sauce.  You want them to sit across from you and share the keys to success, the playbook of climbing to the top and the instruction manual of how to be them. Sometimes you don’t even want the keys, you just want a job or an opportunity to work for him or her.


27 Feb Plan A Doesn’t Always Work Out & That’s Okay

Originally posted on The Life Currency


I grew up thinking that no other place mattered but 1st place. That’s how I also felt about plans. There was only plan A and no need for a plan B or C. There was only one way, one path and one road that would make my dreams come true, and up until my last couple of years in college, plan A was working out just fine. Then, all of a sudden life slapped me in the face and things got real.


Why Cultural Fit Should Matter to You

07 Feb Should You Stay or Should You Go: Why Cultural Fit Needs to Matter to You

Just imagine landing a role at your dream company, but your excitement quickly depleted once you were exposed to the culture of that company, which you felt didn’t include you. You aren’t feeling comfortable in your own skin and the people that you need to impress to move up the corporate ladder are uncomfortable around you as well.  You aren’t the normative and the only way to play to win is to play the game with a mask and alter the true uniqueness that is you.