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“I realized that I am doing the right thing by sharing my story and my experiences and I am so glad I am encouraging others.”

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Brittney Oliver is a professional based in NYC with expertise in public relations, marketing communications, writing, content management and social media strategy. The Howard University alum is a proud Southern girl who currently provides email marketing strategies and development for an event company. Brittney has gained client placements in USA Today, ABC New, Chicago Tribune and Black Enterprise as a public relations professional. She was instrumental in developing an email marketing strategy for and Travelista Teri. Her writing has been featured in Teen Vogue, TIME, ESSENCE, Revolt, Business Insider and Fast Company.


Two years ago, I decided to be fearless and to share my story to inspire others to keep focus on their dreams. I choose to take life’s lemons and turn them into lemonade. My glass of lemonade consists of a dash of resilience, a sprinkle of tenacity, a cup of faith, a pinch of grace and a dose of creativity. I’ve learn that we each have our own cup of lemonade filled with stories of triumphs and tribulations that makes our journey uniquely ours. I’m here to share my glass and help others discover what’s in theirs with lifestyle tips, career advice and inspirational interviews.


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