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Love & Entrepreneurship: The Real About Running a Business While Finding a Love Life



On Thursday, May 4  at Jopwell attendees enjoyed a discussion on finding love while building your business and brand.

Our special guests included Jacques Bastien, CEO of boogie/SHADE, Joi-Marie McKenzie, Author of “The Engagement Game”, Travis Weekes and Founder of Driven Society and a singles coaching session with When Love Works founder Elitia Mattox, while purchasing “The Engagement Game” and enjoying food provided by VERTS Mediterranean Grill.

Featured Guests
Jacques Bastien

Jacques Bastien

SHADE Management

Joi-Marie McKenzie

Joi-Marie McKenzie

ABC News

Travis Weekes

Travis Weekes

Driven Society

Elitia Mattox

Elitia Mattox

When Love Works


Be clear on how your significant other wants to be loved. Learn to reciprocate in their love language, and be consistent. - Elitia Mattox

This mixer’s panelists gave us the real on what it’s like to manage a business, grow a brand and still have time for bae. I want to thank Joi-Marie McKenzieJacques Bastien and Travis Weekes and Elitia Mattox for their insight and expertise!


I also want to give special thanks to When Love Works for hosting an engaging love connection demonstration after the panel, Jopwell for hosting us and VERTS Mediterranean Grill for the delicious food.

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