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6 Things We Can Learn From Beyonce's Parkwood Entertainment Squad

29 Apr 6 Things We Can Learn From Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment Squad

As much as I respect Beyonce’s talent, what brings the fan girl out of me is her team. Beyonce has put together a team of people to help bring her thoughts, her lyrics and her stories to life. Her team has crafted some amazing moments in pop culture. Parkwood Entertainment creates experiences for fans to consume her work in very unique ways, just like her latest visual concept/album, Lemonade.


5 Steps to Get Yourself in FORMATION

09 Feb 5 Steps to Get Yourself in FORMATION



I was at a lost for words when I watched Beyoncé’s latest project FORMATION. I knew this video would be something special, when the star hit us with that thug squat/gangsta lean on the floating police cruiser. Setting the tone for a Post-Katrina visual of her roots, a Southern gothic portrait of mystique and a celebration and mourning of black lives and black culture, this song and visual had messages that the masses needed to see from a superstar like Mrs. Carter.

4 Things I Learned from Shanice Williams Journey to The Wiz!

07 Dec 4 Things to Learn from Shanice Williams’ Journey to Dorothy

On Thursday, December 3, I was one of the 11.5 million viewers who watched The Wiz Live! on NBC. Just like those viewers, I watched in awe as a star-studded cast took on the task of revitalizing the 1975 play. What was also amazing about this night was that a major television network showcased this wonderful production featuring an all-black cast that was directed by a Clark Atlanta alum, Kenny Leon. What I found to be most impressive was watching Shanice Williams reprise the role as Dorothy which was her first acting job EVER.